Thursday, April 18, 2013

Vincent's Films

Since I haven't posted these to the blog yet, here are some of the films I made for a Video I class about a year ago. This first video was supposed to have a Chaplin/Keaton vibe. It was actually a video formed around my ineptitude at making the video, so there's quite a bit of meta going on here:

Then I did an autobiographical video about my particular brand of insanity. This is a much better video than the first one, in my opinion. There's more crazy stuff going on, anyway:

And my third video was a music video for the song "Where Do They Make Balloons" by They Might Be Giants. For this one I tried to incorporate lots of different styles and mediums:

And, lastly, a mockumentary I made about the creator of Silly String (supposedly). Despite the obvious budget to it, I think it turned out pretty well:

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