Monday, October 29, 2012

Bride of the Ugly Dinosaur

Production is well underway for The Ugly Dinosaur, and this week I've been doing rough animation for Oscar in scene #5 (the final scene). I did a whole bunch of shots based on key frames given to me by Laura Mansfield.

This is Oscar catching a glimpse of Dot's family being attacked. The first drawing is Laura's, the rest are mine. (That's the case with most of these sequences.)

Here's Oscar reacting to the attack. I think this scene turned out pretty well - he looks genuinely surprised. It's funny how exaggerated the drawings seemed while I was doing them, but when you watch the animation, it looks pretty natural. I think that's an important aspect of animation - you don't immediately think of a character like Grumpy from Snow White as being extremely cartoony and over-the-top like a Tex Avery character, but if you pay close attention, animator Bill Tytla drew some pretty extreme poses for the character. He really took full advantage of animation's strengths in translating personality without being obvious about it.

Here's Oscar going to rescue Dot's family. I added the hesitation since I thought that made Oscar a more sympathetic character.

This is Oscar running behind some rocks. 

More running.

This is Oscar peeking out from behind a rock. I always try to keep the animation funny even if the action is fairly straightforward.

This is Oscar's look of happiness as Dot runs over to him. It looks pretty sparse now, but it will play better when the animation of Dot is put in, obviously. 

A different angle on Oscar reacting to Dot. 

I can't take much credit for this one - this is Laura's drawing, I just animated the pupils moving back and forth. 

Dot and her brothers are embracing Oscar here, but he still is insecure about his jaw. Hopefully his insecurity comes through in the animation.

This is another example of a sequence that I thought was really outrageous while I was drawing it and would probably have to be downgraded, but it actually works pretty well.

Oscar is supposed to be happy here because Dot's brothers are finally accepting him. Laura did the first and last drawings here:

This is Oscar's look of jubilation, with his deformed jaw hanging open. I thought it looked too static to just have his mouth open while the rest of him stayed completely still, so I widened his eyes, too.

This last scene I'm not as crazy about. Oscar is supposed to be reacting to Dot nudging up against him, but I think it's too mechanical. I'm not sure - maybe I'll redo it at some point.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Ugly Dinosaur Continued

Hello again! Busy week, but I've been making some headway with the Ugly Dinosaur project. First of all, I finalized the colors of the lead characters, based on the color scripts by Kaleb Rice:

Beyond that, I've been working on the rough animation of Oscar in scene 3, when Oscar meets Dot's family. This is a bit of animation that I made of Oscar trailing behind Dot, although I'm not sure if it will be used in the finished film. I decided to have him awkwardly wobble rather than do a more traditional walk cycle because he's still pretty young and wouldn't quite have his "sea legs" yet, so to speak:

This is a brief reaction shot from Oscar when he sees Dot's brothers. This was a fairly easy shot to animate, and I think it came out okay:

This bit, when Oscar's jaw hangs open, is - in my opinion - the most successful piece of animation I've done for this project. I tried to to really exaggerate the movement and add in some follow-through and I think it came off pretty well:

And, last, here's a far-off shot of Oscar as the brothers circle him. This one, again, might have to be revised, since I received some feedback from Jinny and Laura that they wanted this scene to be an overhead shot. See what you think:

I'm currently working on a few different bits of animation to finish out scene three. I will hopefully finish them up soon and have them posted to the blog soon.

Monday, October 15, 2012

More Ugly Dinosaur

I'm still doing pre-production on The Ugly Dinosaur, and it's been a busy week. First off, I drew up model sheets for all of the characters in the short. I gave Jinny and Laura a few character sketches last week, and they gave me some notes on how to improve the designs. Here's what I finally came up with:

I also revised the storyboards I posted last week. The leaf in the short was changed to a fern, and the pond was changed to a dinosaur's footprint with water in it, so I altered a few panels to accommodate those changes: 

And, lastly, I drew some thumbnails for scene three to help out the animators. The thumbnails are based on a scene boarded by Michelle Rakar: 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Ugly Dinosaur

Hey, guys! I'm currently working on a project with some fellow CCAD students, The Ugly Dinosaur. It's going to be an animated film, directed by the very talented Jinny Hinkle and Laura Mansfield, and the short itself has its own production blog ( I've been named Head of Visual Development, although I'm also working on storyboards and animation.

So over the weekend I drew up some character sketches, based on some designs Jinny and Laura already came up with. This is Oscar, the lead character of the short, who is a Torvosaurus with a jaw problem:

And this is Dot, the Stegosaurus:

I also drew a few sketches of Dot's brothers, who aren't too fond of Oscar:

And, lastly, the adult Torvosauruses, who chase after Oscar and almost kill Dot and her family:

I also drew up some thumbnails for two different scenes in the short. This is an early scene where Oscar hatches, tries to eat a leaf and runs into Dot: 

And here's a scene later in the short, when Oscar runs into the Torvosauruses:

These designs and thumbnails may go through drastic changes before the final film, but here's where we are so far.