Monday, October 22, 2012

Ugly Dinosaur Continued

Hello again! Busy week, but I've been making some headway with the Ugly Dinosaur project. First of all, I finalized the colors of the lead characters, based on the color scripts by Kaleb Rice:

Beyond that, I've been working on the rough animation of Oscar in scene 3, when Oscar meets Dot's family. This is a bit of animation that I made of Oscar trailing behind Dot, although I'm not sure if it will be used in the finished film. I decided to have him awkwardly wobble rather than do a more traditional walk cycle because he's still pretty young and wouldn't quite have his "sea legs" yet, so to speak:

This is a brief reaction shot from Oscar when he sees Dot's brothers. This was a fairly easy shot to animate, and I think it came out okay:

This bit, when Oscar's jaw hangs open, is - in my opinion - the most successful piece of animation I've done for this project. I tried to to really exaggerate the movement and add in some follow-through and I think it came off pretty well:

And, last, here's a far-off shot of Oscar as the brothers circle him. This one, again, might have to be revised, since I received some feedback from Jinny and Laura that they wanted this scene to be an overhead shot. See what you think:

I'm currently working on a few different bits of animation to finish out scene three. I will hopefully finish them up soon and have them posted to the blog soon.